The hotel EY-ZIN is situated in the wonderful area of Kariani,


Kavala. It is built 100 m from the beach and has one of the best


beaches in the area with a cleanness award


of the sea (blue flag) from E.E.C.



5 km away are the excellent spa Eleftheron Kavalas and history


says  there were the springs where Alexander the Great the


conqueror was cured.



10 km from our hotel is the ancient Amphipoli where you can


see many important ancient finds, a museum and the famous


statue the Amphipoli Lion.



Our hotel is 100 km from Thessaloniki and 50 km from Kavala.


It is perfectly furnished and you would enjoy a comfortable


stay in a warm and hospitable environment.



It is 1st class and it has rooms with bathrooms and unforgettable


view to the sea and mountain.



Where you can admire the wonderful and fascinating sunsets.



The hotel is of 35 beds capacity and has a restaurant - bar,


playground and an all green yard with many comfortable spaces


designed for an unforgettable and comfortable stay.




Hotel - Bar - Restaurant

 Panajotis Partalis

Telephone & fax 003/0594/51550